LG to add 10,000 robots to roll out premium home appliances

LG Electronics, South Korea`s second-biggest tech company by sales, will deploy 10,000 industrial robots to reshape its Changwon production site into a smart factory for premium home appliances, sources said on Wednesday.

The smart factory project will be completed by 2023 and the robots will be sourced from Robostar, a local robot company acquired by LG Electronics last year. LG Electronics is also closely working with several other industry robot manufacturers including Epson.

The new factory will be a follow-up of the company’s U.S. washing machine plant which became up and running last year in the state of Tennessee to show the world’s highest level in factory automation and digitalization. The factory boasts of an integrated production system that spans parts manufacturing and module assembly to product shipment through robots.

LG Electronics controls one third of Robostar, which is known for its prominent technologies in making robots for factory automation. Vertical multi-articulated robots from Robostar are already used in LG’s production line to make automotive parts in Incheon.

The new factory being built in Changwon will enter operation in 2021 gradually before its completion in 2023 to churn out LG-branded premium household appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers and water purifiers.

LG Electronics will apply an integrated control system to the factory by bringing full automation and intelligence to the entire production chain from purchasing to production, to quality inspection and logistics in order to maximize operational excellence and value creation. Once completed, the factory’s production capacity is expected to reach 3 million units a year, 50 percent higher than the current maximum capacity of 2 million units.

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