Domo Appliances

DOMO is the electrical appliances brand of the family firm Linea 2000. Linea 2000’s story started in 1986 as an importer of different brands of household electrics. Linea 2000 has been specialising fully for some years now on its own brand of electrical appliances called DOMO. Leadership of the company is in the hands of Wim De Voeght, son of founder Marcel De Voeghtt.

Over 30 years, DOMO has grown to become the biggest Belgian brand in small household electrics. The range comprises more than 300 appliances in various categories: kitchen, coffee and breakfast, chilling and freezing, household, personal care and seasons. User-friendliness, beautiful design and good quality at an affordable price are features of every DOMO appliance.

Innovation is central to the development of new products. Monitoring or being ahead of trends in the market is the key to success. In recent years, DOMO has launched numerous innovative products, and was the first to launch them on the Belgian market. Look at our My Blender, for example, a device to make juices and smoothies directly in the beaker, which you can take straight with you to work or the gym. Or the My Vegetable, the first electrical spiral cutter that effortlessly transforms vegetables into cappellini, spaghetti or tagliatelle.

DOMO products are also distributed abroad. For example, DOMO has its own branches in France and the Czech Republic. The company is also represented by distributors in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Austria.

DOMO has its head office in Herentals in the Kempen region of Belgium. There are 50 enthousiastic and dynamic people working there. Every day, they are dedicated to providing DOMO customers with an outstanding service. DOMO doesn’t believe in computer options menus, just in a personal approach. DOMO is proud to offer its full expertise under one roof, from product development to after-sales service

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