Moulinex Steam’up

Moulinex launches the new Steam’up, available from today on the French market. It is new and simple solution to prepare everyday dishes. It features an innovative, patented technology which directs the steam downwards so that all the ingredients can be cooked at the same time in a single 16-28 cm dish: the flavors of the meat and fish mingle delicately with those of the vegetables.
Steam’up is also easy to use, thanks to its automatic programs.
“By mixing flavors during cooking – they say from the company – this product is pioneering a new style of steaming producing richer, tastier dishes. The appliance comes with a 30-recipe booklet and consumers can get further inspiration from 70 other recipes available on line.»
Finally, at the end of the use the appliance only needs to be wiped with a damp sponge after use as it does not come into contact with the food. Steam’up is characterized by a compact design, that makes it easy to be stored.

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