In order to publicize the launch of new products, Teka has just presented two new announcements. Specifically, the new generation of induction plates of the iKnob series, and the launch in Spain of its new French Door Gourmet refrigerator.

Under the slogan “Feel the power of iKnob” Teka has presented the new series of iKnob induction hobs, which has an innovative removable control, which provides a great improvement in the usability of the board, to be able to control the power and Plate time intuitively with just one knob.

One of the major novelties in its design is that its screen printing, which is usually engraved, in this case, is LED, so it is not visible when the plate is off, which facilitates a harmonization of the countertop with the rest of the design from the kitchen.

For its part, the new Teka refrigerator, French Door Gourmet, has been presented with the slogan “Open the door to wellness”. With an exclusive design with attention to detail, this appliance has a technology that will exceed all the expectations of the users. Through its distribution of two doors in the refrigerator and two large drawers as a freezer, allow a capacity of almost 540 liters, which is 30% more capacity compared to the market average.

The Gourmet Box has a separate refrigerator circuit, which allows to control the temperature independently. Likewise, this new Teka product incorporates the Inventer engine, which places this refrigerator in a range of excellent performance and efficiency with an A ++ energy classification, which means lower consumption, quieter and greater energy savings.

According to Francisco López, vice president of Marketing for Grupo Teka, he stressed that cooking for Teka is much more than the place where food is prepared. “It’s the place where you laugh, you dream, you share, you talk, you make decisions, you give news, you make life plans and, ultimately, where you cook your life . ” And he adds that for all this, Teka designs and manufactures household appliances that provide solutions and real innovations to kitchen, that adapt to the lifestyle of the users and that are in harmony with your home.

“We work every day to understand your needs and provide new solutions that help you discover new possibilities in the kitchen”

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