Xiaomi new “smart” washing machine

Xiaomi company prepared to release a new washing machine.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Washing Machine is equipped with an AC motor that guarantees a stable, efficient washing, as well as energy saving and quiet operation. The maximum speed is up to 1400 rpm, which provides washing and drying for one hour. Xiaomi emphasizes the silent and efficient brushless motor that, in collaboration with the suspension system, will eliminate tremors and vibrations even at the maximum speed of the drum. According to the manufacturer, drying technology with hot air condensation allows the simultaneous processing of several things.

System infusion of water into the chamber is configured in such a way that the amount of water is determined automatically based on the weight of the clothes. Exact algorithms for determining the weight of the clothes allow you to avoid non-target losses of water.

The washing machine has 21 mode. Maximum rotation speed of the drum reaches 1,400 rpm, allowing for a faster mode of washing and drying for 1 hour.

According to manufacturers, the hot drying technology with condensation allows you to simultaneously drying multiple garments. At the same time is ensured by constant temperature control, allowing the dried clothes immediately may look like ironed.

To control the operation of the washing machine Xiaomi Mijia you can use branded mobile application. After washing and drying the user will receive a notification

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