Neff steaming ahead

For those who love the steam cooking and want to eat healthy, Neff proposes its FullSteam 3-in-1 oven that combines the functions of a traditional oven with those of a steam one. The model offers the opportunity of choosing a 100% steam cooking or a 100% traditional one, but it is also possible to add steam during the traditional cooking. Intelligent also in the design, the product features the Slide&Hide system, patented by Neff, which allows to slide the door inside the cavity of the appliance, making it disappear completely, avoiding obstacles in the kitchen. Moreover, with the new Sous-vide function, the FullSteam oven allows to cook food in vacuum in a delicate but very tasty way, thanks to juices and aromas that remain in direct contact with food during the cooking time. VarioSteam, instead, is another oven signed by Neff, that cooks in a traditional way but adding a touch of steam. It automatically adjusts the steam emission in three different levels of intensity. Finally, to transform a traditional oven in a steam one, the brand also offers a special steam kit that can be use in a very easy way by adding water and putting it in the oven.

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