Fagor-CNA will stop most of the production at its plants in the Basque Country today, which, according to union sources, will affect the cooking areas 

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The company Fagor-CNA will stop most of the production at its plants in the Basque Country today, which, according to union sources, will affect the cooking areas (ovens and kitchens), thermos, and part Geyser ), In addition to that of washing machines, which had already ceased.

The cooking activities, heaters and washing machines are carried out in the Guipuzcoan plant of Garagarza, while the one of terms is developed in Basauri (Edesa).

Sources of the works council have told Efe that CNA has already informed the operators that today they should not go to their jobs and that reactivates the temporary ERE that was open from October 2016, without there being a date for the return To the activity.

The cessation of work is almost absolute and only a part of Geyser’s activity, as well as the whole of the pressure cooker plant in Eskoriatza (Gipuzkoa) continue to operate, which will apparently continue to work for the time being. Summer holidays

“They do not dare say anything beyond the holidays, in fact, they have not given us a date back to work,” explained the sources of the works council, to which the Company has alleged the “lack of money to buy components” as the main reason for the cessation of activity.

These sources have explained that the new situation will affect about two hundred workers, because this time the R & D section has also entered the ERE.

Thus, a total workforce of 350 people at the moment will only continue to work in the area of ​​pots, commercial network and administration workers.

It is planned that the works council will meet this morning with the staff in order to analyze the latest decisions of the company and the possibility of initiating protests.

The works council already abandoned yesterday the first meeting on the ERE of extinction that the company had raised for the laundry area, which would affect 30 people, and declared an “absolute confrontation” against CNA until it did not put an end to its “methods Dark and confused “that he considers” unacceptable “.

On June 30, Fagor-CNA presented a preconcurso of creditors in the courts of San Sebastián with a debt of almost one hundred million euros. A few days later, on July 5, Basque Minister of Economic Development and Competitiveness, Arantxa Tapia, said that she hoped that the Catalan CNA group would have a plan that would be “credible” for these plants and that it guarantee “an activity that is Sustainable in the long term. “

A day later, on 6 July, Fagor-CNA informed the works council that it had no intention of submitting bankruptcy proceedings, despite the fact that it had requested the pre-competition, since its intention was to continue the activity.

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