Tech specification

Efficiency meets performance in the new ÖKOKombi washer dryer from AEG. With HeatPump technology it uses 40% less energy and water to wash and dry in one cycle, without compromising on results.This AEG washer-dryer is not your run-of-the-mill laundry appliance. It’s one of only a few washer-dryers that use energy-saving heat pump technology. It has an inverter motor to keep it quiet and, unlike most washer-dryers, uses almost no water when drying

Dryer Type: Heat pump
Load Capacity kg (Wash): 9
Drying Capacity (kg): 6
Display type: Touch display
Residual humidity: 44
Drying noise level IEC 704-3 dB(A): 66
Washing noise level IEC 704-3 dB(A): 51
Spinning noise (dBa): 77
Front door: Premium B
Height (mm): 870
Width (mm): 600
DepthMax: 639
Colour: White
Water Supply: Cold
DE_WD_FitsUnderCounter: no
Energy class: A
Energy Consumption Wash & Dry (kWh per cycle): 3.67
Maximum spin speed (rpm): 1600
Energy Consumption (kWh per cycle): 1.09
Wash Energy Rating: A
Water consumption |: 69
TotalTimewd: 580
Energy cons. annual washing/drying (kWh): 734
Water consumption Annual (l): 13800
Annual water consumption: 13800
PNC: 914 605 903
DrumPattern: Protex
Water cotton 60: 69
Insert panel colour: Stainless steel with antifingerprint
Voltage: 230-240
Connected Load: 2200
Required Fuse: 13




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