Develop and manufacture complete equipment systems for our clients, from the mechanical housing to the electronic components and performance testing. Furthermore, they can offer our own equipment which we produce under a private product label.

As the leading manufacturer of warming drawers,  clients can rely on a unique modular design. This reduces the development period and saves costs. They nevertheless do not receive a ready-made product but rather customised solutions of the highest quality in compliance with their design requirements.

Faster, better, crunchier – the future of grilling, baking and toasting is induction cooking in a drawer format.

Modern induction technology and easily exchangeable baking and grilling trays make it possible: toast 6 slices at once, bake a pizza, grill, roast, cook, melt, re-heat, toast waffles and much more.

With the built-in contact grill from GRONBACH, you will save on multiple bulky appliances and gain more space in your kitchen. The appliance is integrated into a 60s furniture casing with a height of 140 mm and therefore fits almost every kitchen range. The built-in contact grill can also be retro-fitted and installed with exactly the same design of your appliance line.

Built-in coffee machines
For certain well-known clients, they develop and manufacture built-in coffee machines that are of the highest quality as regards their workmanship and performance. Frontal designs are always according to customer specifications and, if desired, we can deliver the appropriate heating drawer at the same time

Whether it is a top-quality designer refrigerator or a practical freezer, we have the right solutions to hand. We have been recognised as an innovative partner in the domestic appliance industry for decades, whether for the finishing of the refrigerator housing, the manufacture of handles, or for our hinges and opening system

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