iF Design Awards

The new Lg Signature ranges of appliances were awarded with a great amount of iF Design Awards 2016 in many categories. The company received 28 awards, including the iF Gold Award assigned to Lg Signature refrigerator and Lg Signature washing machine. Lg Signature Oled Tv and Lg Signatiure purifier were among the 25 Lg products honored with iF Design Awards. The Lg products were selected among 5,295 products entered the competition, where only 75 received awards for their design innovation. Lg Signature washing machine combines a 12kg front-load washer and a 2kg mini washer on the bottom to enhance wash efficiency. It also features a tempered glass door and a circular 7-inch touch display composed of high-grade enamel. The Lg Signature is characterized by some interesting innovations to refrigerator design, including the addition of a new minimalistic secret Door-in-Door compartment and a Knock-on feature which makes the opaque door transparent with two quick “knocks”. And the new Auto Door Open feature automatically opens the door when a person approaches the refrigerator, allowing for quick and easy access even with arms full of groceries. Lg’s third iF Gold went to the Gram 15 laptop (model 15Z960) which weighs only 980g while sporting a 15.6 inch (39.6 cm) screen.

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