The Home Appliance industry is concerned by the European Commission’s decision to propose a new Energy Label Framework Regulation. «The proposed Regulation – Paolo Falcioni, director general of Ceced has explained – will postpone the urgent need to rescale where it is highly needed, such as for washing machines where top classes are overpopulated, and embarks the EU institutions on a lengthy debate. The current framework legislation already has all the flexibility to allow for rescaling, where needed, which would create better transparency for consumers. Right now.» For product categories with an urgent need for rescaling, Ceced would support the swift adoption of product measures having room at the top of the scale to ensure a stable scenario for facilitating innovation and keeping the market competitive that, according to the Committee of domestic equipment manufacturers, is also possible within the current Framework. Furthermore, Ceced underlines, proposed changes such as replacing labels of appliances that have been already put on the market, would lead to unacceptable retroactive labelling requirements. On the other hand, Ceced supports the focus on consumer empowerment in the proposal of the European Commission “Delivering a new deal for energy consumers” and the energy market design consultation.

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