Miele wins German Sustainability Award

For his continuous sustainable corporate policies are the most important sustainability prices in Europe Miele receives. The managing partner Dr. Markus Miele and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann received the award last Friday against at the award ceremony in Dusseldorf from the hands of the NRW Environment Minister Johannes Remmel.

The Gütersloh domestic appliance manufacturer won the award in the category of large companies. The jury were particularly comprehensive sustainability strategy of the company and the long life of the products. The moderator and co-initiator of the price, journalist Stefan Schulze-Hausmann, interviewed on confirmed Dr. Markus Miele, Miele that will not compromise on the quality and earnings.

In the jury the transparent presentation of sustainability activities Miele was highlighted sustainability report. In addition, fell into the weight that Miele assesses the sustainability of its suppliers and is available for employees “for high social standards above average”. The long life of Miele Appliances, combined with high energy efficiency and low consumption of resources, set up an “extraordinarily good sustainability signal to industry and society.”

The jury of the German Sustainability Award consists of renowned experts from business, politics, research and civil society headed by Professor Dr. Günther Bachmann, Secretary General of the Council for Sustainable Development.

The German Sustainability Award, awarded for the seventh year of its Foundation, one of the most prestigious sustainability prices of Europe.

Guest of honor at the glittering award ceremony was the astronaut Alexander Gerst. In addition, prizes were awarded to former Federal President Horst Köhler, the actor Colin Firth and wife Livia for its social and environmental commitment as well as to the singer Nelly Furtado for her humanitarian efforts.

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