Wolf ovens

Wolf ovens use columnar vertical blower fans to optimize convection

The new generation of built-in ovens from Wolf Appliance, the M series, is being launched as part of the largest product rollout in the company’s history. 

The series incorporates a redesigned convection system that is used only in M series models and is designed to provide more consistent cooking results. The oven makes use of two columnar vertical blower fans and reconfigured heating elements to produce uniform heat and air flow throughout the oven, minimizing cool spots. The columns of air are also intended to enable improved multi-rack cooking and to reduce preheat times.

Relocated the vertical fans in the back corners

of the oven allow for a curved back wall, creating more usable space within the oven.

The M series has 10 cooking modes, selectable using an LCD touchscreen control panel. The Gourmet mode has a menu of preset options to guide users through the cooking of commonly prepared foods, including temperature and rack placement. With a setting selected, the oven may adjust oven settings throughout the cooking process to provide the best results.

The new ovens are compatible to sync with home-automated control systems like Control4, Crestron, and Savant, giving users the ability to monitor the oven via smartphones and tablets (linked to the control system). 

The series is offered in three design styles: contemporary, transitional and professional, in widths up to 36 inches.

The ovens will be available to consumers in December 2014.

Wolf has been a part of the family-owned appliance maker Sub-Zero, Inc., since 2000. 

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