Miele new washer

New Miele Beats Energy Rating
With its new flagship model washing machine, internally identified as the W1 Prestige, Miele is promising that customers will gain a unique combination of energy efficiency, cleaning performance, and user convenience.

“This washing machine is likely to stand peerless in the marketplace,” said Executive Director and Miele Co-Proprietor Dr. Reinhard Zinkann at a press conference at the IFA trade show. 

The new washing machine from Miele tops the requirements for an A+++ energy efficiency rating by 40%, in a cycle lasting less than 3 hours. A rush cycle cleans a load in under an hour, with less energy efficiency but no compromises in cleanliness.

The wash spins at up to 1600rpm and has a 9kg maximum load capacity.

The unit also has an touch display, a patented SoftCare drum for gentle fabric care and a reduced need for ironing, and an EcoFeedback consumption indicator. Its TwinDos is said to be the world’s first integrated 2-phase dispensing system for liquid detergents and fabric conditioner. It also has a conventional detergent dispenser drawer.

A matching dryer is available that has an A+++ energy efficiency rating and 9 kg load capacity.

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