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Do you remember Dyson first vacuum, the DC01?
Discover the full story of its early development here: http://ms.spr.ly/6041Xzslf
James Dyson’s story, Invention: A Life, is out now.

Suction, mopping, washing and air-drying four in one, Yunmi Smart Floor Scrubber Cyber is relaunched on the market


It only takes ten minutes to clean the whole house

On to household chores, clean the floor but the top priority. How to add the three steps of sucking, dragging and washing into one step? Traditional cleaning is time-consuming and laborious. If you want to save time and effort to free your hands, replace the broom and mop at home!


The traditional cleaning method of bending down is very “waist”. Look! This kind of walking-like traction can be much more relaxed.


Of course, every inch of the home, whether it is a corner of the wall or the corner of the bed, will never be overlooked, and it must be kept clean and tidy.

Intelligent air drying is full of energy

When cleaning the floor at home, is there a strange smell sometimes? That’s because traditional mops or some scrubbers are not wrung out enough. Only by being able to air-dry it can not only keep the home clean, but also keep the air fresh all the time.


For large units, the Yunmi Smart Floor Scrubber Cyber can also be easily competent. Because of the larger water tank and double the power design, many troubles of frequent water changing and charging are avoided.


Home is a warm and beautiful place, so a floor scrubber with a beautiful appearance is the best choice for family life.


Cheat Three: Reject IQ Tax

Intelligent cleaning black technology development

Different from other scrubbers, Yunmi Smart scrubber Cyber comes with its own black technology attributes. To know the usage status of the machine at a glance, you need a large LED screen to fill up your skills.


The annoying thing of getting more and more dirty does not exist in front of it.


It can intelligently sense different stains such as light and heavy, dry and wet, so that many difficult-to-remove stains in the home can be easily dealt with.



Suction, mopping and washing in one step

If you need a floor scrubber that saves time and effort in your daily life, frees your hands, has high appearance and no odor, and black technology is full and easy to clean the whole house, Yunmi Smart Floor Scrubber Cyber will be your best “artifact” .

Yunmi Smart Floor Scrubber Cyber (self-cleaning and air-drying version)
Launched on September 9

iRobot presents all the plusses of Roomba® j7+

iRobot has launched Roomba® j7+ robot vacuum and new features powered by iRobot Genius™ 3.0 Home Intelligence. iRobot Genius 3.0 is available across the company’s entire portfolio of connected robots. «iRobot Roomba j7+ – they say from the company – is a thoughtful, collaborative cleaning partner that delivers superior cleaning performance with every mission. Powered by iRobot Genius 3.0, and featuring PrecisionVision Navigation, the Roomba j7+ gets smarter with each use. The robot learns how best to navigate your floors, remembering specific rooms and certain furniture, to clean where it’s most needed. It can also start cleaning automatically when you leave home and stop when you return».

The Roomba j7+ is able to understand the user’s cleaning preferences, learning his cleaning rules, asking for and responding to feedback, and remembering how to react in the future. It even recognizes and avoids cords and pet waste, giving the user peace of mind that the job will get done. Backed by the Pet Owner Official Promise (P.O.O.P.), iRobot will replace any Roomba j7+ that doesn’t avoid solid pet waste.

«Smart home products – said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot – often fail to live up to consumer expectations when they lack context of the home, cannot learn independently and require complex programming for basic functionality. We understand home environments and lifestyles are unique and that it’s important to offer intelligent, simple-to-use products that more thoughtfully work within the boundaries of house rules set by the user. The Roomba j7+ with iRobot Genius provides greater levels of personalization, new home automations and the ability to get smarter over time, allowing the robot to deliver a more intuitive cleaning experience so people have more time to do what’s most important to them.

Hoover has unveiled a brand-new upright vacuum cleaner that weighs less than 5kg in use, and promises powerful performance with no loss of suction.

The UPRIGHT 300 offers multi-cyclonic cleaning technology to deliver a deep clean, Hoover said, and will be launching in three formats, HOME, PETS and XL. It will be available in three colours – red, blue and green – to provide stand out on the shop floor.

Created following extensive market research with UK consumers which explored vacuuming frequency, length and time of day undertaken, as well as preferences with regards to features, colours and storage, the UPRIGHT 300 features enhanced 80° swivel steering and a H13 HEPA filter which traps harmful particles to help relieve allergy symptoms.

Dave Matthews, business director at Hoover SDA, said: “At Hoover, maintaining our position as a pioneer for the latest in vacuuming technology is important, but these advances in our portfolio are aided when seeking feedback from consumers in the market itself.

“Customers from all over the world have different needs for their home, so we were keen to use our resources and listen to our UK consumers’ comments to apply these in-demand functions to our new collection.

 “As the founder of the vacuum cleaner, it is important that we provide the best cleaning solutions for our customers.

“Weighing less than 5kg in use, the UPRIGHT 300 is our lightest, most steerable model yet. It truly demonstrates that our brand understands customer needs; something we have championed since we created the first vacuum in 1908.”

The brand has embarked on a six-figure, multi-channel marketing campaign to promote the UPRIGHT 300 collection. Commencing August 9, 2021, activity kicked off with a month-long DRTV campaign across SKY, Channel 4 and ITV in the UK.

To find out more about the UPRIGHT 300 range, click here or to find the product directly,