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The TCL Sweeva 6500 has just been awarded the ‘Best Value Self Emptying Robot Vacuum’ by Good Housekeeping Institute!

Residential users have emerged as remarkably lucrative target market for robotic vacuum cleaners. Manufacturers are geared toward development and commercialization of smart products that are integrated with autonomous technologies in order to boost robotic vacuum cleaner market share. The residential robotic vacuum cleaner market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 8.2% during the forecast period of 2022 – 2031.

A recent sales analysis of residential robotic vacuum cleaner market found a wide product range of products available for users to enable them to automate myriad household tasks. As a result, demand for products in residential robotic vacuum cleaner market is propelled by adoption of portable and lightweight equipment in in-house cleaning applications.

Furthermore, growing affluence of consumers in developing countries is catalyzing the demand for autonomous home systems. Overall, the battery-powered smart residential robotic vacuum cleaners are expected to gather steady adoption, thereby likely to generate sizable revenues for market players to capitalize into. Integration of voice assistants and software has eased cleaning management programs, thus boosting demand for residential robotic vacuum cleaner market.

Polti Forzaspira D-Power is the new range of 2-in-1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner. There are two new top-of-the-range models, featuring digital motor, touch control display, removable 29.6V lithium-ion battery, 3 programs (including ECO) and double function stick vacuum cleaner-portable vacuum cleaner. Polti Forzaspira D-Power SR550, in red color with mini turbo-brush, and Polti Forzaspira D-Power SR500, in green color, are equipped with a multi-cyclonic system and accessories that can reach every space and clean the different surfaces. Other pluses of the product are: motorized brush with soft bristles, LED lights, bagless, working autonomy up to 40 minutes.

The Chinese company Dreame Technology was present at the IFA for the first time and showed the independent suction-mopping robot “L10s Ultra”.

The Chinese company Dreame Technology presented the independent robotic vacuum cleaner “L10s Ultra” at the IFA. © Dream Technology

The Chinese company Dreame Technology specializes in the development of intelligent cordless vacuum cleaners and vacuum mopping robots. In the course of this, the new robotic vacuum cleaner “L10s Ultra” was shown in Berlin. In combination with the cleaning station, the vacuum cleaner robot independently keeps all floors in the house or apartment clean. The base station automatically empties the robot’s dust container. If smooth floors are to be mopped with a damp cloth, the robot’s wiping tank is filled with water via a tank in the base station. After the work is done, the “L10s Ultra” drives back to the station, where the two wiper pads are cleaned and dried.Dyson has introduced its most powerful cordless vacuum, the Dyson Gen5detect, featuring a new fifth-generation Hyperdymium motor, delivering 262 air watts of suction and up to 70 minutes runtime – claimed to be the longest in a cordless vacuum.

The vacuum incorporates a fully sealed, whole-machine HEPA filtration system engineered to capture 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns. A new Fluffy Optic cleaner head has also been re-engineered, revealing twice the amount of microscopic dust for increased brightness and range.re-engineered user interface shows when the surface is clean in real-time. A piezo sensor uses acoustic sensing to count and categorise particle sizes, and bars on the LCD screen rise and fall according to volume of particles being removed.

In addition to software updates to the UI, the Gen5 motor also required new software to monitor and control speed, power and temperature, which works hand-in-hand with the new UI to troubleshoot potential issues and maintain the machine.

The motor is smaller, faster and more powerful than its predecessor, spinning at up to 135,000rpm – up to nine times faster than a Formula One engine – making the Gen5detect vacuum Dyson’s most powerful,

Deep cleaning with the Sogo SS-16130 ash vacuum and blower SS-16130 Ash Vacuum & Blower has been specifically designed to clean hot and cold ash from fireplaces, wood burning stoves and barbecue grills. To do this, it offers a suction power >= 20 Kpa to clean ash and other debris safely.

It is distinguished by its practical design that helps to achieve a clean surface or platform that allows you to cook or light fires without worrying about leftovers.

With a power of 1,200 W and an extra-long 5.5 m cable, it includes a washable Hepa filter and two accessories: an aluminum suction nozzle and a 38.5 mm metal hose with a heat-resistant interior.

The Sogo SS-16130 Ash Vacuum & Blower also features pull latches for easy ash container emptying.

Shunzao Z11-MAX smart handheld wireless vacuum cleaners

Cleaner head: Patented Electric anti-winding cleaner head (Cut hair with horizontally opposed blades)
Dust dumping method: Dust dumping with one hand and one button
Removable dust bucket: Yes
Removable battery: Yes
Vacuum Degree: 26000Pa
Power: 450W
Charging Time: 3 h
Suction Power: 150AW
Display: LED
Rotating speed: 125,000 rpm
Run Time: Up to 60-minute
Dust Cup Capacity: 0.5L
Battery Capacity: 2500mAh

Shunzao Technology was established in 2019 and currently has created three major smart cleaning household appliances categories: cordless stick vacuum, robot vacuum, and wet and dry vacuum. Through the research and development of various new structural designs,continue to develop cutting-edge patented technologies.

The ROIDMI cordless vacuum cleaner buying guide is a great way to compare each product’s capabilities and ensure you make the right decision.

Sharks latest launch is the AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop. The newest addition to their suite of robot vacuums brings Matrix Clean Navigation, which enables the robot to clean with multiple passes from multiple directions in a precise matrix grid, meaning better coverage and a deeper clean on carpets and hard floors for consumers.