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ASKO’s Celsius Cooking system measures the cooking temperature via a sensor placed on the bottom of the pots and pans and through a probe that can be inserted directly into the food. Both the pots and the probe communicate via Bluetooth with the hob and with the Hestan Cue app.

You can also know exactly the cooking times. The pots and probe communicate with the hob to allow you to control the cooking phases ensuring that the ideal degree of heat is delivered at the right time.

The new Severin MW7760 microwave is distinguished by its innovative Inverter technology that provides constant and precise power for even and delicate cooking, while allowing to preserve the flavor optimally also in sensitive dishes, such as fish.

With a capacity of 25 l and a power of 900 W and 1,000 W, microwave and grill respectively, it is also characterized by its EasySelect concept that offers simple and intuitive operation with a clear operating panel layout.

Equipped with a modern LED touch display with Quick-Select functions for quick selection, it includes 10 automatic programs for various dishes and a grill function, as well as 10 different power levels and defrosting by weight or time.

In addition, it has a FavoriteDish function with which the power and cooking time can be stored and recalled for 3 dishes. And thanks to the BeSilent function the acoustic signal can be activated / deactivated if desired.

Whirlpool W Collection Ventilated Induction Hob

The stylish black glass ventilated induction hob (WVH 92 K F KIT) benefits from four induction zones with nine different power levels to choose from, in addition to a boost function and Keep Warm setting, which inevitably prevents food from cooling. What’s more, the integrated ventilation system eliminates the need for a cooker hood in the kitchen, which is perfect for installing the hob within a central kitchen island.

The integrated extraction system boasts AutoVent Speed technology, which automatically activates the ventilation for a fuss free cooking experience. The intuitive technology adapts the extraction power required based on the air quality of the cooking environment, optimising the energy consumption and quietness at the same time. The Whirlpool W Collection ventilated induction hob is suitable for either ducting or recirculation and benefits from a ceramic filter that guarantees optimal odour absorption and exceptional durability of the extraction system for up to five years*.

The flush integration of the built-in ventilation with the glass of the hob, allows for fluid, sliding movements of the pots and pans across the hob’s surface when cooking. Furthermore, the unique Teflon coated aluminium ventilation grid is scratchproof, non-stick and therefore easy-to-clean.

Combined steam function from De Dietrich

with the (assisted) steam cooking, the cooking of meat and fish is perfect and your preparations are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Also ideal for baking breads, brioches, cakes, etc.

100% steam
cooking Steam cooking allows you to cook your food in a healthy way, without adding fat, thus preserving its nutrients and your health.

Pyro Express function
Using the residual heat from a previous cooking, this function cleans the cavity in 59 min and allows an energy saving of 50%. Designed for efficient cleaning in record time.

Beko, among its air treatment products , proposes the  New White Line Air Purifier ™ , equipped with the latest technologies and innovations. These purifiers are made up of various filtering sections, made up of suitable filters designed for the different components to be retained. And by a ventilation system that allows you to suck the air from the environment, filter it and put it back into circulation “cleaned” of all agents that could damage your health

Among the research evidences it also emerged that  60% of respondents say they need “wireless appliances “. In this regard,  Beko  has launched products such as the PowerClean ™ rechargeable vacuum cleaner in the last year  The ideal ally to have a perfectly clean home, thanks also to unparalleled practicality of use

Icon professional coffee machine, born from the collaboration between the manufacturer Dalla Corte and Emo design, says “Make your coffee iconic”. Icon is in fact able to produce an excellent and repeatable espresso over time and is equipped with the patented multi boiler system that allows user to manage each group individually. The design is characterized by light lines and geometric style for the side panels, formed by a single stainless steel shell. For the rear panel, ample space has been given to the custom vocation, thanks to a wide range of RAL colors and the possibility of using special customized materials

Refresh Butler by V-Zug which is an innovative fabric care appliance that you can install in your home. Refresh Butler is a breakthrough innovation inspired by Swiss nature that is deeply rooted in Switzerland since 1913. It provides a gentle solution to refresh, sanitise and dry your designer garments. The process does not use any chemicals or mechanical friction. As a result, your clothes will maintain their natural look and feel, prolonging their life.

How? The Refresh Butler uses steam and a patented photocatalysis system to effectively eliminate odours. A flow of air at low temperatures replicates the mountain winds in the Swiss alps; a process that helps to gently care for your clothes.Refresh Butler neutralises odours such as cooking smells and cigarette smoke. It also lessens the effects of wrinkles and creases while protecting the design, texture, and comfort of even the most delicate fabrics. The main component involves UVC light, a heating element that uses a heat pump and steam system without any chemicals or usage of perfumes.

The Refresh Butler has been proven to eliminate as much as 99.99 % of germs and bacteria, without the use of chemi- cals. A key part of this process is the UV light function that combines with steam and gentle heat. Once done, your clothes are germ-free as germs and bacteria are everywhere. The Refresh Butler is able to eliminate them from your garments without washing or dry cleaning.

If you are caught in the rain, do not worry as the drying function is capable of drying even fabrics that require special care. This is done by using only low temperatures without any tumbling. This function dries clothes with gentle heat from an energy-efficient heat pump system. It only uses temperatures below 60°C to bring garments back down to a humidity level of 24%, making them ready to wear again.

Homeowners who are wondering how the Refresh Butler will fit into the décor of their home will be pleased to know that it has an integrated wardrobe system and you can use your own finishing for the door panels. 

THOR Kitchen has debuted its first electric range with the new 24-inch Professional Electric Range which offers the performance and features expected of a THOR Kitchen machine, including a stainless-steel exterior, large oven capacity and true convection fan

Rangemaster  Classic 4 slice toaster combines traditional styling with innovative features. Cool-touch sides and a removable crumb tray ensure it is safe and easy to keep clean, and the integrated cable storage keeps worktops neat and tidy.The lift-and-look feature and a handy cancel button gives the ability to check midway through a toasting cycle and cancel when needed.

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Novy Easy Sleek Hob With Built-In Extraction

The Novy Easy hob has a sleek design and integrated extraction. This extractor hood is hidden in the hob. When the extraction is not in use, only the grid is visible. The extractor operates automatically for highly efficient cooking vapor extraction.

The powerful cooking zones are every hobby chef’s dream. You can easily switch them on via the central control or you can connect them for an extra large cooking surface. As icing on the cake, this hob with built-in extractor offers many intuitive functions such as automatic pot recognition. You notice: Novy Easy really lives up to its name!

At Novy they are convinced that cooking is synonymous with pleasure. Thanks to a hob with built-in extractor, nothing stands in the way of that fun! A durable and quiet motor, unique extraction technology, design finishing in high-quality materials and extremely efficient removal of odors … there are many reasons to choose a Novy hob with built-in extraction.